Applicable to SunDAT Pro & SunDAT Standard


Thank you for your interest in SunDAT.  The best way to learn more about SunDAT is to try it out for yourself.  


  1. Download SketchUp Pro 2021 (requires registering on SketchUp’s website)
  2. Register on the SunDAT website 
  3. Download and install SunDAT
  4. Open SunDAT from the Extensions menu in SketchUp


How long is the trial version?

15 days

When does the trial period start?

The trial period starts when SunDAT is installed on your computer, not when you download the trial.

Is the trial version different than the Standard or Pro version of SunDAT?

No, the trial version is the same as the Pro Version.

Are there tutorial videos to help get started?

Yes, we have tutorial videos available. Please visit our Videos page.