Applicable to SunDAT Pro, SunDAT Standard, and SunDAT Essentials


Apply keepout areas caused by shadows from objects in the region or outside the region.  SunDAT can show where shadows will be cast on the regions based on the equinox and/solstice and within a time frame.  By applying a shade keepout(s), SunDAT will know not to place modules in those keepout areas.  


Figure - Shade Keepouts 

1Select region to apply shade keepouts
2Shadow analysis algorithm.  
3Table height. Height from the ground to the lowest point of the table
4Start time of when the shadow analysis takes place
5End time of when the shadow analysis takes place
6Dates to cast shade keepouts - Equinox and solstice
7Render button - Applies shade keepouts to the region
8Reset button - Clears all inputs
Simulate button - shows the shadows cast on the region based on the start and end times and date selected
10Remove button - removes any shade keepouts in the region 


  1. Choose the regions that the shadow will applied.
  2. Keep Algorithm to default for most cases.
  3. Specify a Table Height. This is the distance from the bottom of the table to the ground.  This can be used when the table is not sitting on the ground and it should reduce the keepout area, since shadows will be allowed under the structure.
  4. Choose a Start Time or keep the default 10:00 AM. Click in the input box and scroll through the dials to assign the time.
  5. Choose an End Time or keep the default 02:00 PM.  Click in the input box and scroll through the dials to assign the time.
  6. In the Choose the dates to restrict the analysis to, choose what date of when the shadow will be cast
    1. For most projects in the northern hemisphere, leave the default Winter Solstice (21st December) on
    2. For most projects in the southern hemisphere, turn off the Winter Solstice (21st December) and turn on Summer Solstice (21st June).
    3. Summer or Winter Equinox can be toggled on, along withe solstices which may be applicable to projects near the equator.
  7. [Optional] To see where the shadows will appear on the region before placing the shade keepouts, press the Simulate button. This will be based on the dates selected and the time frame. You can also use SketchUp's shadow tool to see shadows at a specific time.
  8. Press the Render button and SunDAT create the keepout areas on the region(s). The keepout area will appear on the region as a light brown face. 


How are shadow keepouts determined on the region?

SunDAT uses SketchUp's shadow tool to apply where the shadows will appear on your site.

Is the time set based on Clock time or solar time?

Clock time.  

Applying the shadows is taking a really long time

If the object(s) casting the shadow are very detailed, it can take a long time to render the keepout areas as it is trying to capture every detail of the object.  To reduce the render time, consider make the casting object less detailed (for example: instead of a group of individual trees, create a wall or for power pole, just use a cylinder).

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