Applicable to SunDAT Pro, SunDAT Standard, & SunDAT Essential 


This article will provide some commons tips and tricks to use SketchUp to help you use SunDAT. Note that some of these tips might be only applicable to certain versions of SketchUp

Tips and Tricks

SketchUp Keyboard Shortcuts

Below are common keyboard shortcuts to 

  • Spacebar - Select Tool
  • L - Line Tool
  • M - Move tool

Changing units in SketchUp 

To change units go to the SketchUp menu Window->Model Info.  Look for Units and then select the length units you would like to use.  

Copy an object using the Move tool

  1. Use the Select tool in SketchUp and select the object you want to copy.
  2. Select the move button.  The cursor will change to the move icon.
  3. Hit the Ctrl button on your keyboard.  A plus symbol will be appear next to the move icon in your cursor.
  4. Using the cursor, pick the base point of where you want to move from. 
  5. Move your cursor to where you want to move the object and click to place a copy of the object.  Alternatively, you can move the cursor to the direction you want to copy and type in the distance to copy the object.

You can learn more about copying in SketchUp here: