Applicable to SunDAT Pro, Standard, & Essential


After geolocating a site in SketchUp, how do I add more imagery if I have a large site?


Adding Imagery

  1. Go to File->Geo-location->Add more imagery...
  2. In the Add Location dialog, pan to the area you want to add more site imagery.  If you need to, you can zoom out.
  3. Press the Select Region button.  Adjust the selection box to the area you want to grab.
  4. Press the Grab button.  You might get a warning about the model being too far aware from the georeferenced location.  You can ignore and press the OK button.
  5. The selected site imagery will be added to your SketchUp model in reference to the geolocation and you will not need to move the site imagery object.
  6. Repeat the above steps as necessary to get the site imagery needed.  Note: when adding site images, it also brings in the terrain data for the site image.  This will increase the file size and can bog down the performance of SketchUp and SunDAT. 

Removing Imagery

  1. Right-click the site imagery.  Select Unlock
  2. Then you can delete the image by either pressing the Delete button on your keyboard or right-clicking and selecting Erase
  3. Since adding site imagery also brings in terrain, you will also need to manually delete that if you delete the site imagery.  In the default tray, go to Layers.  
  4. Look for the layer Location Terrain and click the eye icon to make the layer visible.

Right click the terrain object and Select Unlock.  Then you can erase the terrain object