Applicable to SunDAT Pro, Standard, Essential

Steps for Site Configuration:

  1. Input the project information for the model (see Inputs for Site Configuration below for details on the input)
  2. Press the Create button to create the project in SunDAT. A message will appear with 'SITE CREATED/UPDATED SUCCESSFULLY'

Inputs for Site Configuration:

Project ID: [Required] This the identification for this model.  Typically, this would be the project name.

Client NameInput for putting a client name of the project.  

Latitude: [Required] Specify the latitude of the model.  Latitude input must be in decimal format.  

    Positive value = Northern hemisphere

    Negative value = Southern hemisphere

Longitude: [Required] Specify the longitude of the model.  Longitude input must be in decimal format.  

    Positive value = Eastern hemisphere (east of the Prime Meridian)

    Negative value = Western hemisphere (west of the Prime Meridian)

North Angle: [Required] This input sets the north direction for the model.  This value is typically "0" (represented by the green axis in SketchUp).

Address: Address of the project location.

Example of Inputs for Site Configuration


  • If using SketchUp Geolocation or KMZ/KML Import, the Latitude, Longitude, and Address inputs will auto-populate.
  • Address input will auto-populate if latitude and longitude are inputted and the location is in an appropriate location (example: not in the ocean).
  • Latitude and longtiude can be auto-populated if Address is inputted.  

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