Applicable to SunDAT Pro, SunDAT Standard, SunDAT Essential


The region management is where you tell SunDAT to build your PV plant.  You can have more than one region in a model.  Multiple regions can be assigned in a project.


Figure - Region Manamgenet

Region Management table.  Faces that are assigned as regions will appear here
  • 1a: The region name.  
  • 1b: Identifies the layout type for the region
  • 1c: Notes about the region
  • 1d: Actions which can be applied to the region (see icons 1e and 1f)
  • 1e: Action: delete region.  Please note if a PV layout is present in the region, it will be removed
  • 1f: Action: edit the notes information for the region
Select the layout type of region based on the type of project you will be creating.  Selecting a type is required.
Region Name.  Every region needs to have a name and there cannot be duplicate names.  The default region name is "R_01"
Optional: Add notes about the region which could be helpful information for the region.
Create region button. A layout type has to be selected and region name
provided before a region can be created
Reset button to clear information about the region.  This button does not remove the regions

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