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What is a region in Region Management and how do I create a region?


Regions are individual areas where PV arrays will be placed.  A site can have multiple regions of any kind.  This means you can have one region that is assigned as ground mount and another assigned as canopy if you are doing a project with different types of structures.  Regions can only be created from a SketchUp face.  

Steps to create a region

Note: before a region can be created, a project must be setup in Site Configuration.

  1. In SketchUp, select a face.  You will know you have selected a face when dots show up on the face.
  2. In SunDAT, go to Project Setup in the menu and then to the Region Management tab. 
  3. In Region Management, select the layout type for the selected region, Ground Mount, Rooftop, or Canopy.
  4. In Region name, the default name is R_01 and then if there are additional regions, the new names will be sequential, R_02, R_03, etc.  You can also provide your own custom name so if it is easier to identify.  
  5. (optional) Under Notes about the region, add any information about the region.
  6. Click the green Create button to create the region.
  7. The new region is be added to the list of regions in Region management where you will be able to delete or make edits.  In the model, an identified will be placed with the name of the region.  This is how you will know that the face was assigned as a region.

Find out more in this video: