Applicable to SunDAT Pro, SunDAT Standard, and SunDAT Essential


This article will cover how to share tables with other users.  There are multiple ways to share tables or blocks between users, whether directly sharing or having a central template for users to access.


Directly sharing

Best for sharing a small number of tables and blocks quickly between individual users

Every time a table or block is created in SunDAT, it is saved locally in the SKP file.  If you share the SKP file to another user, that user can access that table or block and then favorite it.  Note: a project has to be set up in Site Configuration before you are able to save tables.

  1. Create a table or block in table creation.  Check that the table or block is available in the drop down menu after it has been created.
  2. Save the SKP file and share the file to your colleague
  3. Have your colleague open the SKP file and go to table creation.  Select the table the table that is intended to be shared in the drop down menu for existing tables.
  4. Press the Favorite button and now the table will be available for future projects

Centralized template

Best for sharing large number of tables and blocks within a company setting

This method of sharing creates a central SKP file that can be used as a template to start new projects. The template file can be saved on the user's computer and create new projects by Saving a new SKP file.  Another option is to save the this template as a SketchUp template file.  Note: a project has to be set up in Site Configuration before you are able to save tables.

  1. Start a new SunDAT project  
  2. Create all the tables and blocks and save the SKP file
  3. Store the file in a central location or distribute the file to colleagues.  Colleagues can now use this as file as their starting block.
  4. If you want to have this SKP as a SketchUp template so that it is available when starting SketchUp, go to File->Save as Template
  5. Give the template a name and then press the Save button. Check the box for Set as default template if you want this SKP to be template used every time you open SketchUp. This template will also appear in the Welcome to SketchUp window as an option to pick as a starting point.

Tables or blocks can be added or removed in the template via table creation/block creation.  Just save the SKP file after making the changes and then distribute to your colleagues so they can save the file to their machine.