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How to add create a tracker table with an uneven number of modules on each side of a single actuator.  Examples of this type of situation:

  • 3 string tracker table with odd number of modules per string (e.g. 3 x 29 = 87 total modules or 3 x 27 = 81 total modules)
  • Smaller size tracker tables with unbalanced number of modules, (e.g. 40 modules on one side of an actuator and 14 on the other)


  1. Input the table information, including module, string size, and spacing.
  2. Expand Additional tracker configuration by clicking the toggle
  3. In the driveline gap, specify the number of modules one side of the actuator has.  Note: the driveline gap is counted from the southern portion of the tracker table.  
    • If using 3 string tracker with 87 modules (29 modules per string), specifying 44 modules for driveline gap will place 44 modules in the southern portion of the tracker.
    • For the example above of the 40 modules on one side of an actuator, specifying 40 modules for the driveline gap will place 40 modules on the southern portion and 14 on the northern portion.  If the reverse is desired, specify 14 modules for the driveline.14 Modules in driveline gap
  4. Specify a bearing gap if necessary and add structure (optional)
  5. Press Create to preview the table.


Can there be more than one driveline gap in a tracker table?


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