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When I run a PV layout, the results show "0" for production estimate and yield.  


  • Use Albedo in weather file setting in Energy Analysis is set to "Yes" and the weather file being used in the PV run either has no albedo data or incorrect albedo values.
  • Incorrect values in a custom module or inverter.  Incorrect or missing values will cause an error when running the energy analysis which will return the "0" values for production estimates.
  • Incorrect values in a module or inverter global library.  We have identified some equipment that are not working with NREL SAM.

Potential Solutions:

Changing Use Albedo in weather file setting

Changing the setting to use the set monthly albedo values.

  1. Go to the Energy Analysis tab.  
  2. Click the Customize button on the right side of the Energy analysis panel.
  3. Change the Use Albedo in weather file to "No"
  4. (Optional) Change the monthly albedo values (set by default to 0.2 per a month).  
  5. Scroll to the bottom and click the Close button.  

Choose a different weather file to run a PV layout

Use a different weather file to run a PV layout.

  1. Expand Site Overview at the top of SunDAT.
  2. Go to the General Information Tab
  3. Find the Choose Weather Source and select a different weather source file.  

Check the custom inverter and/or modules

If you are using a custom inverter or module, there could be an incorrect value.  Check the values are correct.

Report an inverter or module that is not working

If you think the issue is with an inverter or module in the global library please email Support to alert us.

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