Applicable to SunDAT Pro, Standard, & Essential


Create a PV layout using Fixed tilt tables that has with varies row spacing due to the terrain and shading cast from the previous row.  


Prerequisite: A terrain surface has to be available in the model either from importing a DWG file or turning on the Location terrain in SketchUp.

  1. In Select the tables/blocks to be used, select a ground mount fixed tilt table.  When SunDAT detects that a ground mount fixed tilt table is selected and a terrain surface is in the model, the toggle, Allow slope/shade to influence row spacing will appear.
  2. Activate the Allow slope/shade to influence row spacing toggle. A window will appear above the toggle asking for the start and end times as well as the date to perform the shadow analysis. Note: the longer the time between the start time and end time, the longer it will take to run the shadow analysis and PV layout. the If the project is located in the southern hemisphere, change the date to June 21 (6/21).
  3. Click the X button in the upper-right corner when the time and date have been selected.
  4. Fill in the rest of the inputs for the PV layout and press Apply when ready to proceed with the layout design.
  5. When the layout is complete, the model will show the layout with varies spacing based on the terrain.  
  6. To have the layout follow the terrain, you can run turn on Follow Terrain toggle in Layout Analysis and Run Analysis


The toggle for allow slope/shade to influence row spacing is not visible

If using SketchUp's Location terrain, make sure the layer is turned on and the Location Snapshot layer is turned off.