Applicable to SunDAT Pro Standard


What is the Follow Terrain toggle?


When the Follow Terrain toggle is turned on, the tables in the current PV layout will be adjusted in the Z-axis to match with the terrain elevation (see the example images below). A layout that follows terrain, can be exported as a DAE file to be used in PVsyst.  Follow Terrain does not change the angle of the tables to match with the terrain (see Angle Tables? for more information about this feature).


  • In order to use this function, a terrain surface either from SketchUp or imported from a DWG file has to be visible in the model.
  • This will not place your tables directly on the terrain surface.  You will have to manually adjust either the terrain surface or the layouts to place the tables on top of your surface.

Example before Follow Terrain:

Example of Follow Terrain:

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