Applicable to SunDAT Pro


I want to add another combiner or remove a combiner from the hierarchy to the DC Electrical Hierarchy


To add a combiner:

  1. Expand the hierarchy until you reach the combiner box level.  
  2. Go to one of the combiners.
  3. Click the wrench tool icon on the right side of the combiner.  Select Clone.  This will copy the combiner and it will be added to the hierarchy
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the hierarchy to find the new combiner.

To remove a combiner:

  1. Find the combiner you want to remove in the hierarchy.  
  2. Click the wrench tool icon on the right side.  Select Erase Tree.  A notification will appear alerting you the combiner has been removed.   If the combiner has strings assigned to it when removed, the strings will be disassociated with the combiner and they are free to be assigned to another combiner or can be removed.