Applicable to SunDAT Pro


How do I unassign a string in DC electrical?


Strings can be assigned in the model or from the Design Hierarchy.  

In the model:

  1. Select the string in the model.
  2. Right-click on the string.  Select Unassign String(s) (see the image below). Click OK to confirm unassigning the string. The unassign string will change to white to indicate that it has been assigned. 
  3. To unassign more than one string, select multiple strings.  Then right-click and press Unassign String(s).

In the design hierarchy:

  1. Go to the DC Electrical panel.
  2. Click the Design Hierarchies tab
  3. Expand the DC electrical hierarchy, until you find the string you want to unassign.  
  4. Click the wrench by the string and then select Unassign String (see image below). If the combiner or string inverter was completed, the combiner or string inverter will show incomplete in the design hierarchy with a red icon. In the model, the unassigned string in the model will turn white.