Applicable to SunDAT Pro


Instructions on how to fill out a design hierarchy with combiner boxes and central inverters.  Keep in mind, that there are multiple ways to assign strings to equipment whether it is at the combiner box level or the inverter level


Assign strings

  1. Expand the hierarchy for the region so it is easier to sell all the equipment
  2. In the SketchUp model, select one or more strings
  3. Go back into the Design Hierarchy in SunDAT. In the Auto-Assign start, toggle between Bottem-Left or Top-Right to tell SunDAT, where assigning strings should start.
  4. At combiner box level, click the wrench icon to bring up actions for that equipment.  Select Assign Strings and the selected strings in the model will be assigned to that combiner box. If more strings are selected than the number of slots for the combiner, the remaining strings will be added in the next combiner box.
  5. When a combiner has been filled the Status of combiner box has been placed in model in the combiner box level will change to green and the combiner box will be placed in the model.
  6. Repeat until all the strings have been assigned.


Where are the equipment automatically placed in the model?

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