Applicable to SunDAT Pro


Learn how to create a Design Hierarchy with central inverters.


  1. Select the region(s) 
  2. In the Choose Inverter(s). The inverter that was used in the PV layout run will be bookmarked.
  3. Choose a combiner box from the library
  4. In the Strings per combiner, specify the number of strings (inputs). SunDAT will inform the maximum number of strings in the combiner box.
  5. String size is the modules per string.  This will auto-populate with the string size used in the PV layout.
  6. Specify the Max DC/AC Ratio or use the default 1.3.  This will determine how many strings will go into the inverter.
  7. [Optional] Set the toggles for Use Inverter Max DC as Limit and Use Full combiners.  
  8. Press the Compute button which will bring up a new window providing different combination options.  In the inverter combinations window, you can see what the combinations are available based on the inputs provided (the example below shows multiple inverters selected.  If only one inverter is selected, then there will only be one combination).  If the combinations are not balanced, adjust the Max DC/AC ratio value to try to balance the system. 
  9. After the deciding the combination to be used, select green Thumb symbol of the combination.  The Inverter Combinations window will close and you will notice the selected combination is showing back in Create Design.
  10. Press the Generate button which will create the Design Hierarchy based on the selected combination and you will be taken to the Design Hierarchies tab.

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