Applicable to SunDAT Pro, Standard, & Essential


This is a workaround to export tables as single tables instead of individual modules to PVsyst for ground mount fixed-tilt structures.  In SunDAT, the only options for showing fixed-tilt tables is by Outline which shows the fixed-tilt as projected flat and 2D or 3D which show the tables as a structure with the tilt and the modules. In order for the exported tables to show as a single object with tilt and no modules, the table component will have to be edited in SketchUp.


  1. Select (1) fixed-tilt table in the model and right-click.  Select Switch rendering to -> 2D so that the table is 2D.
  2. Double-click the table so you are in component editing mode
  3. In the Default Tray in SketchUp go to the Layers (Tags for SketchUp 2020) and expand. Press the 'Plus' symbol to add a layer. Give the layer a name and make sure that it is the active layer with the pencil symbol.
  4. Draw a polygon at the corners of your table.  Make sure a face is created (see example below)
  5. Hit escape or double-click outside table to get out of editing the component.
  6. In the Layers (Tagstray make the layer SD3_COMP_PV_LAYER invisible by clicking the eye symbol (SketchUp 2020/2019) or the unchecking Visible.
  7. Now the tables will show as a single object and can be exported to PVSyst.

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