Applicable to SunDAT Pro, Standard, & Essential


How do I request an equipment (module, inverter, inverter enclosure, or combiners) be added to the global library?


Please note when requested equipment is added to the global library it will be available to all SunDAT users.  Also, please note we can not add equipment request to Global Library without a specification sheet as we need to verify all information about the product.

    Existing equipment in User library

  1. Go to the Equipment library and then User Library
  2. Select type of equipment (Modules, Inverters, Inverter Enclosures, or Combiners)
  3. Select your custom equipment your would like to add.  Press the Submit button on the right.
  4. If you have equipment spec sheet, press the Choose File and select the spec sheet you want to go with your equipment request.  
  5. Press Yes, to submit your custom equipment.

    Adding a new custom equipment 

        When you create a new custom equipment, you will be asked if you would like to submit your custom component as well as attach a spec sheet.    If you select Yes, the information you edited or added in the custom equipment will be sent to us.

    Email Support for request

        You can also email Support with your equipment request.  Please try to include as much information about the equipment including specification sheets or a link to data characteristics.