IssuePotential Cause(s)Solution(s)
SketchUp freezes when creating a surface mesh from contour lines imported from DWG/DXF.Too many objects in the import fileIn AutoCAD or Civil3D, cleanup the DWG/DXF file so you only need to objects needed for the import into SketchUp/SunDAT.  This can be done by purging or deleting objects not needed in the DWG/DXF file.
Contour lines are too detailed with too many vertices.  SketchUp is having difficulty to triangulating the vertices to create a meshIn AutoCAD, reduce the number of vertices in a contour line by manually removing the vertices or using an AutoCAD LISP command called POLYFIT. See below on using POLYFIT.

Also consider removing the contour lines by using the AutoCAD TRIM command.
Your machine's hardware is not compatible to handle this type of performance.Close other programs not in use.

Run the project in SunDAT Web which can handle terrain creation easier.



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