SunDAT for SketchUp support ends on January 04, 2022


October 4, 2021


First, we want to thank you for being a SunDAT customer and for your continued support. Today, we are announcing the end of support for SunDAT for SketchUp as of January 04, 2022.  Further, we are also ending the sale of SunDAT for SketchUp, effective October 4, 2021.  


SunDAT for SketchUp will NOT be available for SketchUp 2022 (expected to be released soon) or any further SketchUp releases. SunDAT for SketchUp will only be compatible with earlier SketchUp versions (2017-2021).  You should not purchase the upgrade to SketchUp 2022 for the purpose of SunDAT.  After the end of support date (January 04, 2022), you will still be able to use SunDAT for SketchUp on your machine at a limited capacity.  However, new updates, including new equipment to the global library, new features, or bug fixes, will not be provided anymore.


While we are ending a great chapter of SunDAT, we are really excited about the progress we are making with SunDAT Web, our web-based PV design software.  As a customer, you have access to the SunDAT Web Premium version right now which gives you unlimited access to the program.  To learn more, please visit and register on the website to begin using SunDAT Web.


Regarding billing for subscription, your subscription will automatically be switched over to the SunDAT Web Premium pricing plan starting on January 01, 2022.  If your yearly renewal date is after January 01, 2022, you will start paying SunDAT Web Premium pricing on the next renewal date after that date.  Please see the table below to understand which price plan you will be switching to, based on your current subscription.


SunDAT for SketchUp Price Plans

SunDAT Web Premium Price Plan

SunDAT Pro Yearly

SunDAT Web Premium Yearly

SunDAT Standard Yearly

SunDAT Pro Monthly

SunDAT Web Premium Monthly 

SunDAT Standard Monthly


Please read the Payment Policy to learn more about cancellation, refund, and payment policies for SunDAT Web. If you wish to make any changes to your subscription or have any questions about your billing, please contact   


Summary of Changes

  • End of support for SunDAT for SketchUp effective January 04, 2022
  • Upcoming SketchUp 2022 will not be supported
  • End of sale for SunDAT for SketchUp effective October 04, 2021
  • All existing SunDAT customers have access to SunDAT Web Premium now  
  • Changes to your current billing will take place after January 01, 2022 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does 'by end of support' mean?

Support for SunDAT will be discontinued starting January 4, 2022. Current SunDAT for SketchUp customers automatically have complementary access to SunDAT Web Premium. SunDAT for SketchUp customers can still access SunDAT for SketchUp after end of support. However, these services will not/no longer be available for SunDAT for SketchUp:

  • Bug fixes
  • Equipment library updates/no more patches
  • Cost estimation, as linkage to external software (PVBid and SunFig) will be discontinued
  • Support for SketchUp 2022 and any future SketchUp releases.


Why is support ending for SunDAT for SketchUp?

SunDAT Web allows for faster PV layouts design and is independent from any other software giving us more opportunities to develop and improve SunDAT. 


Will I still have access to SunDAT for SketchUp on my machine after the end of support date (January 4, 2022)

Yes, you will still have access to SunDAT for SketchUp on your machine as long as you have an active SunDAT Web subscription. Furthermore, SunDAT for SketchUp will not be available for SketchUp 2022 or any further releases, and no new updates, including new equipment to the global library, new features, or fixes, will not be provided.


What if I want to only use SunDAT for Sketchup and not SunDAT Web?  Do I still need to pay for SunDAT Web Premium?

Yes, you can technically still use SunDAT for SketchUp and not use SunDAT Web after the end of support date on January 4, 2022. If you want to continue using SunDAT for SketchUp, you must have a SunDAT Web Premium subscription.  SunDAT for SketchUp Pro and Standard plans will no longer be offered effective October 4, 2021.

Can I transfer my SunDAT for SketchUp projects to SunDAT Web?

No, unfortunately this is not possible currently.  We are looking at ways to help make the transition easier. 


If I have a SunDAT for SketchUp subscription, can I still transfer it to a different user within my company?

Yes, your SunDAT for SketchUp subscription, along with your SunDAT Web subscription, can be transferred to a different user. Please contact us at and provide us with the name, company, and email address of the person you wish to transfer your subscription to.


Can I still get customer support for SunDAT for SketchUp?

Customer support for SunDAT for SketchUp will still be available after January 4, 2022 but please expect a limited response.


How do I learn more about SunDAT Web?

Please visit the SunDAT Web website at


How do I cancel my SunDAT for SketchUp subscription?

Please email and we can help cancel your subscription.  



If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to us at